2020 New Men's Thick Sneakers Trendy Casual Shoes

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Posted : October 13th, 2020 10:00 PM
Product Description
Hello, respected customers! Welcome to the Forbidden City! Quality is our number one priority!
If you enter our store, you will always find a shoe that suits you. Our store specializes in stylish sneakers and high-quality leather shoes, each piece is meticulously detailed, giving you great comfort.
Dear Customer: To avoid choosing the wrong size, please read the size label carefully.
Please select the size according to "foot length".
If your feet are very thick and wide, buy a larger size shoe;If you buy a shoe that is too big, it is recommended to wear an insole.
Size reference (our store shoes are EU size)
EU size 39 = China size 39 = foot length 24.5 cm.
EU size 40 = China size 40 = 25 cm long.
EU size 41 = China size 41 = foot length 25.5 cm.
EU size 42 = China size 42 = 26 cm long.
EU size 43 = China size 43 = foot length 26.5 cm.
EU size 44 = China size 44 = 27 cm long.
EU size 45 = China size 45 = foot length 27.5 cm.
EU size 46 = China size 46 = 28 cm long.
EU size 47 = China size 47 = foot length 28.5 cm.
This elegant shoe draws the attention of onlookers with its sleek and gorgeous look.The soft, comfortable, breathable knit upper provides breathable space for your legs, soft and protective, so you can easily take every step.
Light weight for excellent flexibility and durability. Stable to the ground.
Are you always looking for a store with the best creativity, inspiration and soul enhancement? Follow us and we can always get something to surprise you.
If the project is good, give a five-star rating. Your praise is the driving force for our continuous efforts.

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